How to Compete Against Cash Offers

how to compete against cash offers

Competing in Austin’s bustling real estate market can be challenging, especially when cash offers dominate the scene. In this blog, we’ll explore the current state of the Austin real estate market and discuss a solution offered by Homeward that can help buyers secure their dream homes without losing out on selling their current property.

Current State of the Austin Real Estate Market

Austin’s real estate market has been facing a housing shortage for some time now. The demand for homes has surged, thanks in part to a significant influx of people moving to the city. As a result, prices are moving quickly, and buyers are engaged in intense competition to find a suitable home. Unlike past surges, these buyers are genuine homeowners seeking a place to settle, making the market more emotionally charged.

A Drop in Demand in the Austin Housing Market

In recent weeks, the market has seen a slight drop in demand due to rising interest rates and buyer fatigue. However, the cost of homeownership remains on the rise, and even with the increase in interest rates, owning a home is still more affordable than renting in Austin. This leads to continued pressure on the housing market as more individuals pursue homeownership.

About Homeward

Homeward was created with the aim of solving a common challenge faced by buyers who wish to purchase a new home while selling their current one. Many buyers fear being forced to sell their home before securing a new one, potentially leaving them without a place to move. Homeward’s unique solution offers cash-backed offers, enabling buyers to make competitive bids without selling their existing home first.

What Makes Homeward Different

Homeward stands out from its competitors because it understands the real estate market’s intricacies and values the role of real estate agents. Unlike other companies trying to displace agents, Homeward collaborates with agents to ensure a fantastic real estate experience for their clients. Recognizing that clients need expert guidance, Homeward’s approach complements the expertise of real estate agents.

Homeward’s Cash Back Offer Program

Homeward’s cash back offer program has been highly successful, raising over $500 million in the past year for purchasing homes. By providing cash offers, Homeward significantly increases the chances of securing a home in competitive markets. Cash offers have proven to be 342% more likely to win over finance or homesale contingent offers.

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Payment Terms and Rates

Homeward offers competitive payment terms, charging 1% to clients when utilizing their mortgage services. For those selling a home through Homeward, the cost is reduced to 0%. Buyers who need more time to sell their existing home can also benefit from Homeward’s program, paying 1% based on the purchase price.

The Sellers’ Process in Homeward

One of the biggest concerns for sellers in Central Texas is not knowing where to move after selling their home. Homeward provides a simple plan that allows sellers to buy a new home using cash offers, move in, pay rent while selling their old home, and then buy it back from Homeward. This approach empowers sellers to confidently make a move without worrying about losing their home in the process.

Deciding to Buy or Sell a Home

Buying or selling a home is an emotional decision backed by logic. Homeward offers clients the opportunity to get approved for their program without charging any upfront fees, helping them make quick decisions when the right home becomes available. For real estate agents, addressing sellers’ fears and presenting a well-thought-out plan can lead to increased listings and satisfied buyers.


In the fiercely competitive Austin real estate market, Homeward’s cash back offer program provides a viable solution for buyers seeking their dream home while selling their existing property. By collaborating with real estate agents, Homeward ensures a seamless experience, empowering clients to make confident moves in the market.

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