From Top Producer to Team Leader ft. Ashley Brinkman

In this blog, we dive into a candid conversation with Ashley Brinkman, a seasoned real estate professional and team leader in Austin, Texas. Ashley shares her journey, insights, and predictions for the real estate market. Join us as we explore her background, the growth of the Austin market, and valuable advice for both new and veteran agents.

Getting to Know Ashley Brinkman

The conversation starts with a glimpse into Ashley’s background. Hailing from South Texas, Ashley moved to Austin in 2007 after completing her education at Texas State University. Her journey into real estate began during the market crash, a challenging time for the industry. Despite the odds, Ashley’s resilience and determination led her to navigate the complexities of the real estate world, ultimately shaping her into the successful agent she is today.

Ashley’s Early Days in Real Estate

Ashley’s early years in real estate involved a combination of leasing, assistant roles, and even waiting tables at a popular restaurant in downtown Austin. She shares anecdotes from her hustle days, negotiating deals on her phone during breaks, and the challenges of working in a market with limited business opportunities. As an agent with Kent Redding, Ashley honed her skills, learning valuable lessons about autonomy and the importance of assisting fellow agents.

Building the Brinkman Team: A Leap into Leadership

Transitioning from Kent Redding’s team to Realty Austin in 2014 marked a pivotal moment for Ashley. The conversation unfolds to discuss Ashley’s journey into team leadership, highlighting the importance of learning from past mistakes. Ashley sheds light on her meticulous strategy for team expansion. Emphasizing the importance of hiring team members with personalities akin to hers, Ashley underscores the need for consistency to ensure client satisfaction.

Reflecting on past experiences, she candidly acknowledges the valuable lessons learned, advocating for clear communication and specificity in team-building endeavors. Ashley focuses on equipping her agents with the skills to generate their own business, nurture leads, and build authentic relationships.

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Navigating Market Shifts: Predictions for 2024

Recognizing the impact of external factors, it highlighted the necessity for agents to adapt to evolving practices and implement effective marketing strategies. The conversation anticipates a positive turn in 2023, with Ashley predicting a potential drop in interest rates by the end of the first quarter.

Envisioning the market’s response to a one-point decrease in interest rates, she expresses optimism about heightened activity and addresses the persisting inventory challenges. The dialogue also explores the prospect of a return to a more normalized market, considering seasonality and the nuanced behaviors of buyers and sellers during different periods

Achieving Work-Life Balance: The Role of Consistency and Delegation

The conversation on work-life balance underscores the pivotal role played by Ashley Brinkman’s team in fostering a more harmonious professional life. There has been a notable mindset shift in Ashley’s leadership approach, characterized by an increased reliance on trusting the team and a deliberate move away from micromanaging tasks. This shift reflects a more collaborative and empowering leadership style, where the strengths of each team member are leveraged.

Her team, comprised of individuals providing valuable insights, making informed decisions, and contributing to strategic direction, plays a key role in shaping the success of the real estate business. Ashley places a significant value on their input, indicating a culture of collaboration and shared decision-making that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team.

Advice to Agents

Ashley’s key principles revolve around consistency, urging agents to maintain a steadfast commitment to the basics of real estate, focusing on building and nurturing their database regularly. Ashley emphasizes the significance of marketing oneself, highlighting the tendency of agents to excel in client-centric activities but sometimes neglect self-promotion. She underscores the importance of value-added marketing, encouraging agents to provide insights and expertise to benefit clients. Utilizing social media platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube, is a key component of her recommended marketing strategies.

Connect with Ashley Brinkman

Concluding the blog, readers are encouraged to connect with Ashley Brinkman on her social media platforms. Whether on Instagram (@iHeartthex), YouTube (Ashley Brinkman), or her website (, Ashley continues to share her expertise, experiences, and valuable content with the real estate community.

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