State of the Austin Real Estate Market

In this blog, we dive into a spontaneous conversation with John Crowe, Spyglass Realtyโ€™s Associate Broker. The discussion revolves around various aspects of the real estate industry, including market trends, challenges, and the importance of professionalism in the field. The conversation offers valuable insights into the current state of the Austin real estate market and the significance of providing exceptional service to clients.

The State of the Austin Real Estate Market

Despite concerns about a potential crash, John remains optimistic and points out that while there have been some fluctuations, the market remains healthy. He highlights the role of the real estate association in educating members and fostering professionalism among agents, which has contributed to positive outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenges of the Real Estate Profession

John emphasizes the importance of professionalism in the real estate profession. He stresses that real estate agents need to focus on building trust with their clients by being well-educated and dedicated to their work. By understanding the market inside and out and taking pride in their profession, agents can gain the trust of their clients, making the buying and selling process smoother.

Addressing Misconceptions About AustinReal Estate Commissions

The conversation shifts to the topic of real estate commissions. John clarifies that there is no fixed standard commission and that it is crucial for agents to negotiate their fees based on their services and expertise. He explains that agents should focus on providing value to their clients and not be fixated on commissions, as this mindset can lead to losing business in the long run.

Building a Strong Business Culture

John discusses the importance of fostering a strong business culture within a real estate organization. By defining core values and ensuring all members adhere to them, a brokerage can create a positive working environment that attracts like-minded individuals. A well-defined culture is essential for maintaining a cohesive team and providing outstanding service to clients.

The Austin Real Estate Market and Inflation

The conversation then delves into the impact of inflation on the real estate market. John shares insights from a presentation by a Zillow economist, indicating a target inflation rate of two percent. Despite current inflation rates being higher, John believes that the Austin real estate market will remain stable, with strong demand from first-time homebuyers, particularly millennials.

The Affordability Challenge

Affordability emerges as a significant challenge in the current real estate market. With home prices rising rapidly, the percentage of income required to afford a mortgage has increased significantly. The conversation highlights the need for increased focus on addressing affordability issues to ensure sustainable growth in the real estate industry.


This conversation provides valuable perspectives on the Austin real estate market and the challenges faced by real estate professionals. It emphasizes the importance of professionalism, transparency, and dedication in building successful businesses. By understanding market trends and client needs, agents can navigate the current market climate and continue to provide excellent service to their clients.

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