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In today’s dynamic real estate market, presenting a property in its best possible light is crucial for sellers aiming to attract potential buyers. OnePoint Alliance, led by PJ Guarino, has been a vital resource for Realtors in achieving this goal. PJ, a long-time supporter and sponsor of the Platinum Top 50 community, shares insights into how his company helps Realtors and their clients prepare homes for sale, ensuring they stand out in the competitive market.

The Importance of Presentation in Real Estate

As the market heats up, real estate agents need to control all variables that contribute to a property’s marketability. One significant aspect of this is ensuring the property is in top condition, which often involves renovations or make-ready services. PJ explains how OnePoint Alliance assists in this crucial process:

  • Comprehensive Services: OnePoint Alliance offers a complete suite of services, including design conceptualization, staging, painting, and construction. This all-encompassing approach ensures that every aspect of the home is addressed to maximize its value.
  • Internal Divisions: The company has dedicated internal divisions for design, painting, project management, and construction, allowing them to handle everything from minor touch-ups to major renovations.
  • Curated Contractor Group: OnePoint Alliance maintains a group of 40 contractors who adhere to the company’s high standards, ensuring quality and consistency in every project.

Tailored Solutions for Sellers and Agents

PJ emphasizes the importance of tailoring solutions to each property’s unique needs. The process begins with either a project manager’s bid or a designer’s assessment, depending on the client’s requirements. This approach ensures that every project is value-engineered to bring the greatest change for the least investment, helping agents sell homes quickly and efficiently.

  • Project Management: For clients with a clear scope of work, a project manager is assigned to provide a bid within one business day, giving a range of costs to help plan the project.
  • Design Services: For those needing direction, a designer assesses the home and creates a design deck, forming the basis for the project’s scope and budget.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: Whether it’s painting walls instead of entire rooms or focusing on high-impact areas like countertops and flooring, OnePoint Alliance aims to maximize value while minimizing costs.

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Case Studies and Success Stories

PJ shares examples of successful projects, highlighting the tangible and quantifiable benefits of their services. For instance, recent projects with investments ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 have resulted in homes selling for double the investment, significantly accelerating the timeline from renovation to sale.

  • Varied Project Scopes: OnePoint Alliance handles projects of all sizes, from $1,500 make-ready jobs to $150,000 full-scale renovations.
  • Market Adaptation: As the market evolves, the company adapts its strategies to meet the demand for homes requiring minimal work, ensuring properties are market-ready.

Building a Family-Owned Business

PJ’s journey into the industry began in college with a painting business, which evolved into OnePoint Alliance. Now, with a family-owned and operated business, PJ’s focus is on providing exceptional customer experiences and maintaining high standards through a well-organized and systemized company structure.

  • Family Involvement: PJ’s children and other family members work within the business, fostering a close-knit and dedicated team.
  • Company Growth: Despite the challenges of the Great Recession, PJ rebuilt his business in Austin, merging various ventures to form OnePoint Alliance, now a nearly 100-person operation.

Targeting the Realtor Community

Recognizing the value of Realtors and their connectivity, OnePoint Alliance aligns itself with top-producing agents and brokerages, offering tools and services that save time and enhance the value provided to clients.

  • Agent Support: The company offers customizable packages for agents, such as design staging consultations and handyman services, making it easier for agents to differentiate themselves in the market.
  • Customer Experience: By understanding the demands on Realtors, OnePoint Alliance strives to take tasks off their plates, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

Looking Ahead

As OnePoint Alliance continues to grow, the focus remains on enhancing the customer experience through high standards and innovative solutions. Implementing new platforms with AI and maintaining high-touch communication ensures that clients feel taken care of throughout the process.

  • Future Developments: The company is exploring partnerships with financial institutions to offer financing options for clients, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive resource for Realtors and homeowners.

Contacting OnePoint Alliance

For those interested in learning more or engaging OnePoint Alliance’s services, visiting OnePoint Alliance’s website is the best place to start. The site offers detailed information about their services and an easy way to request consultations. As a family-owned business, they prioritize treating clients like family, ensuring a personal and dedicated approach to every project.

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