How to Scale a Business with Lisa Copeland

In a recent interview, national speaker, influencer, and sales trainer Lisa Copeland shared her journey and insights on how to scale a business. With experience across multiple industries, including automotive and real estate, Lisa offers valuable lessons on leadership, sales, and business growth.

Lisa Copeland, known for her expertise in sales and business strategy, has a diverse background that spans the automotive and real estate industries. This blog details her journey, her approach to scaling businesses, and her advice for leaders and entrepreneurs.

From Automotive to Real Estate

Lisa’s career began in the mortgage business in 1998. She quickly realized her potential and founded Austin Mortgage Associates in 2000, a company that continues to thrive today. After achieving her financial goals, Lisa transitioned to the automotive industry, where she played a pivotal role in relaunching Fiat and Alfa Romeo in the U.S.

Building and Scaling in the Automotive Industry

In 2011, Lisa was hired to write a proposal to relaunch Fiat in America. Her innovative approach, which positioned the car as a fashion accessory, was so successful that Fiat adopted it for their brand strategy. Lisa became the managing partner and general manager of the first Fiat dealership at the Domain in Austin. Later, she expanded to a larger dealership, including Alfa Romeo, on 183.

Transition to Real Estate

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Lisa’s speaking engagements were canceled, prompting her to explore new opportunities. Leveraging her extensive business experience, she decided to obtain a real estate license. Soon after, she joined forces with Tarek El Moussa from HGTV and other industry leaders to build one of the largest real estate teams in the world.

Lessons on Scaling a Business

Lisa emphasizes the importance of careful hiring. She believes in prioritizing quality over quantity and being selective about who joins her team. For her, having a strong frontline team is crucial to the success and scalability of a business.

Leadership and Example

Leading by example is a core principle for Lisa. She stays actively involved in sales and business operations, ensuring she experiences the same challenges as her team. This approach builds trust and credibility, as she never asks her team to do anything she wouldn’t do herself.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous self-improvement is vital. Lisa stays up-to-date with industry trends, attends sales seminars, and reads extensively. This commitment to learning ensures she remains at the cutting edge of her field and can lead her team effectively.

Effective Follow-Up

In sales, follow-up is critical. Lisa highlights that it often takes multiple follow-up interactions to close a deal. Consistency and persistence in following up with leads are essential for converting them into sales.

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Overcoming Challenges

Lisa’s adaptability has been key to her success. From the automotive industry to real estate, she has navigated significant market shifts and emerged successful. Her ability to pivot and embrace new opportunities demonstrates the importance of flexibility in business.

Building Strong Relationships

Building and maintaining strong relationships is another cornerstone of Lisa’s approach. Whether with clients, team members, or industry peers, effective communication and relationship-building are essential for long-term success.

Sales and Conversion Techniques

Understanding and addressing client needs is crucial for effective sales. Lisa advises asking the right questions to uncover client concerns and provide the necessary information to facilitate informed buying decisions.

Persistence and Resilience

Sales require resilience. Lisa stresses that rejection is a natural part of the process, and persistence is key. By staying motivated and continuing to follow up, salespeople can overcome objections and close more deals.

Leadership and Mentorship

Lisa leads by example, demonstrating her commitment to hard work and excellence. This hands-on approach helps her build credibility and trust with her team.

Investing in Coaching

Lisa advocates for investing in coaching and mentorship. She believes that everyone, including leaders, needs guidance and support to reach their full potential. Investing in professional development can yield significant returns in personal and business growth.

Scaling Your Businesss

Lisa Copeland’s journey from the mortgage business to automotive and real estate industries offers valuable insights into scaling a business. Her emphasis on leadership, continuous improvement, effective follow-up, and relationship-building provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. By hiring the right people, leading by example, and staying adaptable, businesses can navigate challenges and achieve long-term success.

Key Points

📈 Continuous Improvement: Always seek to improve your skills and stay updated with industry trends.

🔄 Adaptability: Be flexible and ready to pivot in response to market changes.

🤝 Relationship Building: Strong relationships are crucial for business success.

📊 Effective Follow-Up: Consistent follow-up is key to converting leads into sales.

🗣 Leadership by Example: Lead by example to build trust and credibility with your team.

📚 Invest in Coaching: Invest in professional development and mentorship for sustained growth.

Where to Find Lisa Copeland

You can follow Lisa Copeland on Instagram at @realorelisacopeland and learn more about her at

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