What’s Going to Happen With Buyer Agency?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate industry, significant changes are on the horizon, particularly concerning buyer agency. In a recent interview, David Schneider from Revel Property Group at EXP Realty, shared his expertise and insights on what these changes mean for real estate professionals and clients. This blog delves into the key points discussed during the interview, providing a comprehensive overview of the anticipated shifts and their potential impacts.

The real estate industry is buzzing with discussions about the future of buyer agency, especially in light of recent legal settlements and regulatory changes. David Schneider, a seasoned real estate professional, provides valuable insights into these developments and their implications for agents, brokers, and clients.

The Impact of Legal Settlements

This settlement is expected to bring significant changes to the real estate industry, particularly concerning how commissions are handled and disclosed. Although the settlement must still be approved by a judge, its potential impact is substantial.

Misconceptions About Commissions

One of the major misconceptions highlighted by David is the notion that commissions are uniformly set at 6%. He emphasizes that commissions have always been negotiable, and the existence of discount brokers like Redfin proves this point. The settlement aims to address issues related to commission transparency and competition.

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Financial Implications for Large Real Estate Companies

Large real estate companies, particularly those with over $2 billion in annual production, will face significant financial burdens due to the settlement. For instance, Compass negotiated their financial impact down to $75 million, highlighting the substantial financial adjustments these companies must make.

The Timeline and Future Lawsuits

David points out that while many in the industry initially believed the settlement would take years to resolve, the reality is that the process is accelerating. The possibility of numerous copycat lawsuits further complicates the situation, potentially leading to β€œdeath by a thousand cuts” for affected companies.

Adapting to New Regulations

The settlement includes provisions requiring buyer representation agreements, a practice that David has always advocated. He believes that these agreements are crucial for ensuring loyalty and demonstrating the value agents provide to their clients.

Demonstrating Value to Buyers

Agents will need to clearly demonstrate their value to buyers, similar to how they do with sellers. This involves explaining the various aspects of a real estate transaction and highlighting the importance of professional representation in navigating these complex processes.

Changes in Commission Structures

Listing agents will need to advise their sellers on the importance of offering buyer commissions. If a seller decides not to offer a commission, it could potentially harm the marketability of their property. David stresses that it’s the duty of the listing agent to ensure that sellers understand the implications of their decisions.

Communicating Compensation

One of the challenges posed by the settlement is how to effectively communicate buyer agent compensation. While compensation information cannot be listed in the MLS, agents can direct clients to their websites for this information. This ensures transparency while complying with new regulations.

Professionalism and Training

The changes brought about by the settlement will likely lead to higher standards and greater professionalism in the industry. Agents will need to be better trained and more knowledgeable to justify their compensation and provide superior service to their clients.

The Role of Training

Continuous training is essential for agents to stay updated on industry changes and maintain a high level of competence. David emphasizes the importance of regular training sessions to keep agents sharp and well-prepared to handle the complexities of real estate transactions.


David Schneider’s insights provide a clear picture of the future of buyer agency in the real estate industry. The settlement with NAR and subsequent regulatory changes will necessitate significant adjustments for agents and brokers. By embracing these changes, demonstrating their value, and maintaining high standards of professionalism, real estate professionals can navigate the evolving landscape and continue to succeed.

Key Points

  • πŸ’‘ Legal Settlements: Recent settlements will bring significant changes to commission structures and transparency.
  • πŸ“‰ Financial Adjustments: Large companies will face substantial financial burdens due to the settlement.
  • πŸ” Misconceptions: The notion of fixed 6% commissions is a misconception; commissions have always been negotiable.
  • πŸ“Š Buyer Representation: The settlement includes provisions for mandatory buyer representation agreements.
  • πŸ“ˆ Value Demonstration: Agents must clearly demonstrate their value to both buyers and sellers.
  • πŸ›  Adapting to Regulations: Agents will need to adapt to new regulations and find ways to communicate compensation effectively.
  • 🀝 Professionalism: The changes will likely lead to higher standards and greater professionalism in the industry.
  • πŸ“š Continuous Training: Ongoing training is essential for agents to stay updated and maintain competence.

Where to Find David Schneider

You can follow David Schneider on Instagram at @reveldave and learn more about his work at Revel Property Group.

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