Built Piece by Piece: Suneet Agarwal of Big Block Realty North

Suneet Agarwal’s companies are made up of a brokerage, pretty much independent and franchise. Suneet’s brokerage has over 130 – 140 agents and they have been open for around three years.

The team was around before the brokerage and kind of led to the growth through the formation of the brokerage looking for more options and the opportunity to work with more agents. Suneet said that wherever they’re at his team, independent or different teams, he wanted every agent in his entire team to work for one of his organizations to give them options.

About Suneet Agarwal

Suneet was born and raised in Yuba City which is 37 minutes north of Sacramento, California, a small country-farm town in northern California. He went to Chico State, which used to be the number one party school in Playboy in the early 90s until he graduated. Suneet graduated with a degree in business and moved to Sacramento and started in the mortgage industry, got out of Sacramento, and owned some other businesses. 

Suneet got his license in 2014 which makes it 8 years in January of his being licensed. After sitting in his house for two years after the dispensary life, one of his boys called him and asked him what he was doing. 

Suneet was consulting and working twice a day, he was drinking five nights a week like he was having fun and he goes, hey, I made a bunch of money last year in real estate. He was paying his bills, had his fun, but he wasn’t successful more in the traditional sense. His buddy had called him and told him to get into real estate since he had made a bunch of money last year.

He went to Coldwell Banker and nobody was using CRMs or tech in 2014, Suneet was one of the first in the office or one of the first to really consider buying leads at the time. Within nine months of being licensed, he became Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker. He spent all his money on Zillow and did open houses. 

In his first year, he was like one of the most productive agents in the area especially being newly licensed which made him kind of hungry. He ended up leaving Coldwell and did the whole Keller Williams thing. 

When he got to Keller, all additional education, lead generation, Facebook groups, and coaching. He really opened up to that and just kind of got after it when you start a team. By the end of 2015, Suneet started his team.

It was like in a year and a half, Suneet was owning a business and he didn’t really necessarily love being a Realtor, he wanted to leverage himself so he could do more things. 

At the time his wife was pregnant with their first child, I just wanted to be around more so he leveraged himself instantly and all the money he was making. He lived with very low means and all the money that he made or a big chunk of it he reinvested into leads and systems.

The way he started his team was easy. He bought PPC systems, Commissions Inc., and sat at a Coldwell Banker office and there were six agents who were seated and said he got some leads, how about if they close them and give him 50% and that was how he got a team of six within 15 minutes.

Starting Big Block Realty North

It was a challenging challenge that he has with other brokerages. It was a challenge for him. At that point, he had been coaching for another company that was really involved with Lab Coat Agents. It was a pivotal moment in his career. 

He got more leads, wanted a better plan to work with more agents, the double split of having a team and a traditional like in his case. Keller Williams with a challenge for retention of the agent because it was expensive. 

His 200% shop didn’t like the support and decided two of his best friends Sam and Oliver on Big Block who were traveling together. They had a very good model. They say, want to open this up, do you want to be our first franchise? Suneet agreed and they opened up. It was a lot of learning but it was all about growing and growing the team and pedaling to the metal.

Recently, Best Sac, the team in Big Block Realty North, was the number one Mega team in Real Trends in the state of California by units. They were numbered eight for volume because he lives in California and some of these SoCal schemes’ average price point was around 15 million so they weren’t in the top five but they were number one by units.

Leadership Team Structure

There were a lot of people subscribing to EOS which Suneet thought it was great. He has never been a subscriber to that and he says that could be his own downfall from being miseducated or maybe just uneducated but he has a business degree. He has a bunch of businesses in his family that ran a bunch of businesses and was also very confident. So he thought he was doing great as he was the CEO of two companies, two more will have opened up. Sunee has different leaders and partners in each company so, within his brokerage, he has an office manager, a managing broker whole is his partner, and they have an Accounts Manager, Customer Support Manager, and the customer is the agent. 

On the team, he has his sales manager who is real accountability and coaching of the agents. His sales manager was also a football guy, he was all-American football at the University of Colorado. He ran big Century 21 offices like a regional manager so he’s like the old school management type who’s really into coaching the agents. He’s very patient, sweet, and he’s a beast of a guy doing it right. 

The office manager helps out with things that an office manager would do when someone needs something. He also has a manager that manages the localize ISAs and the virtualized ISAs which is a robust thing. Suneet also has a VA manager and about 15 other VAs with a marketing manager who’s responsible for managing the content and the people making the content, a listing manager who manages traditional listings, and another manager, and a whole bunch of people.

Suneet is hiring a full-time person to recruit, it’s the only way he has been doing it. He is a great recruiter, however, he is also now coaching full-time with Jon and has a full-time schedule getting to coach their wonderful people in Cheplak’s groups. Suneet said he’s going to hire somebody and he’s going to pay him well. 

They have ISAs for recruiting right now. He has a contract guy who he pays per person that he brings on to help do the job he is unable to do because of the coaching and everything else like systems are there but as he does that they’d want real growth, therefore, hire somebody good at it.

What’s Next for Big Block Realty North

Suneet has been focusing on coaching lately. He states that it’s been great and the team is doing great as well.

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